Powerful, flexible, and simple to use, Presidio Estimate has been the choice of industry leaders for decades. 


Estimate does it your way. All shops are not the same and operations vary from one shop to another. With Estimate, you are in complete control of your unique operations. The library of calculations, built with 35+ years of experience, includes standard formulas that give you complete control how each operation will compute time, cost and sell price.


Selecting your own calculations and operations eliminates the surprise results and irrelevant 'assumed' choices made by other systems. Estimate supports your experience and insight; it is the estimator's tool, not replacement. You are in complete control of critical judgments such as the appropriate press for the job and the complexity of difficult operations. With Estimate, you are empowered, not overpowered. 


Maximize efficiency and accuracy by creating Pro-Forma Estimates for your standard jobs and Routes for typical workflow patterns. Simply modify a Pro-Forma Estimate to create a new estimate in seconds, eliminating specification re-entry. 


Estimate produces fast, profitable Estimates.


  • User defined operations and calculations produce accurate estimates

  • Integrated RFQ allows customers and sales reps to submit quote specs online from any computer or mobile device

  • Save time and eliminate mistakes with Pro-Forma Groups & Routes

  • Pinpoint your profit margins with customer specific markups/discounts

  • Evaluate production options and 'what if' scenarios

  • Estimator has total control with overrides

  • Powerful, flexible, easy won/lost reports

  • Integrates with Job Control and Schedule for one-click order entry and control

  • Integrates with Inventory/PO to price, reserve and order items

  • Customize quote letters and job tickets

  • Allows unlimited parts and forms per estimate for complex jobs