Event Processor

Automate routine tasks with the Presidio Event Processor.  The Event Processor performs specifc actions at user intervals. 


Examples include:


  • Estimate Follow Up Reminder:  alert your estimators if a new quote request has been idle too long and alert sales reps of pending estimates

  • Job Status Alerts: notify customers when a job goes on press or billing when a job ships

  • Job Opening Reports: email a daily or weekly sales activity report to reps and managers 

  • Transaction Activity: alert production managers when an employee exceeds defined thresholds for tasks and shifts

  • Inventory Alerts: deliver a reorder warning report to purchasing when critical items approach reorder points

  • Credit Warnings: notify accounting if a customer has reached their approved credit limit

  • Customer Follow Up Reminder: email sales or management if an account has no activity within a user defined date range


Events are easy to manage and new events are added regularly based on customer requests.