Tight inventory control is more vital than ever to ensure available supply while avoiding excessive inventory and carrying charges. Presidio Inventory provides this control, keeping track of every purchase order, receipt, withdrawal, return and adjustment for unlimited inventory items.


Inventory allows automatic 'reserve and/or requisition' to create purchase orders of all items required for a job when a job opens. The 'reserve' inventory can be withdrawn from reserve status and posted to work-in-process jobs during production. Inventory automates pricing conversion for paper inventory stored by sheets yet purchased at price per hundred pounds (CWT).


Standard reports provide greater purchasing control and profitability. Reports include: items by vendor, out of stock, reorder points, reorder quantities, groups, plus cumulative and monthly usage for year-to-date and rolling 12 months. Total value of inventory at cost and sales value, and committed purchases are available instantly. Inventory is truly a simple, flexible, fast and cost-effective tool for progressive management.


  • Provides detailed history of every transaction

  • Allows 'reserve status', automatic reorder points and reorder quantities

  • Supports multiple storage locations

  • Calculates costs and values based on Last Cost, Average Cost, or Standard Cost

  • Identifies/consolidates roll stock with unique roll ID's

  • Usage reports for year-to-date and rolling twelve months

  • Integrates with Estimate, Job Control, PO and Shopnet