Job Control

Presidio Job Control provides printing managers a direct path to increased profits and better cost control. It is imperative that all printers, regardless of size, use systems effectively to control their businesses. Job Control is your complete solution for order entry, job status, job tracking, job cost, work-in-process, job history, packing and shipping management, sales/profit analysis, and productivity analysis of your employees and equipment.


Job Control is economical. On the average, the system costs pennies per job to control all labor, material, and purchase costs involved in producing a job. The same small investment also controls all customer changes in job specifications and premium time required to meet customer demands. The billing of these often neglected 'lost' costs will pay back your investment many times. Job Control makes good business sense.


Job Control integrates with Estimate allowing you to control the costs of labor, material, and purchases associated with producing a job by automatically comparing reported costs with estimated costs. Actual hours and quantities and their respective estimated hours and quantities are available for analysis. Summarize every labor, material, and purchase charge by individual operation and by department. Provisions are made to account for the production shift, premium time, house errors, and customer changes (AA's). Direct labor costs, contributions to gross profit, and Value Added figures are also available. The Job Cost Report provides all the vital information required for fast and accurate billing.


Job Control can automatically open jobs from the optional Web-to-Print interface, saving time, money and avoiding errors while getting the job immediately into production.


Summarize labor, material, and purchase charges against all open jobs in the plant automatically with scheduled work-in-process and job status reports.


Gain valuable insight into potential problem areas dealing with personnel, equipment, and procedures through production analysis and efficiency reports. Compare actual production output to your firm's desired standards to examine the efficiency of each operation in your plant over a period of time. Total chargeable hours are also compared to total reported hours by each operation to determine the percentage of productive time. Total premium hours are also provided. These ratios are valuable indications of the role each operation is playing in your plant's overall cost and profit picture and the validity of your budgeted hourly rates. The Production Analysis Report presents a complete picture of production activity in your plant for specific periods of time.


Maximize your sales and profits through sales reports. Break down figures by customer, sales rep, type of job and more. Compare current sales versus prior periods to help determine your sales and marketing strategy. Reports can be prepared in various formats to provide a complete profile of your sales and profit picture. Which sales reps consistently bring in profitable jobs? Who are your most profitable customers? What types of work are most profitable and deserve concentration? Job Control gives you the answers.


Job Control includes an extensive list of valuable reports. The unique Job Status feature allows you to assign detailed benchmarks a job typically follows through your plant. A job's status will automatically update (forward or backward) depending on criteria you define. This provides a simple way to see where jobs are: waiting for a customer OK, on press, ready to ship, etc.


We have designed Job Control to quickly find any job, whether open or in history. There are several techniques allowing you to quickly find jobs using a combination of search criteria and filters, such as customer, sales rep, category, job status, job number, date range and more.


  • Increased efficiency, productivity and profitability

  • Management and validation of operation and employee standards

  • Improved cash flow with instant job status and WIP reports

  • Enhanced sales and marketing strategies through sales reports

  • Maximized efficiency with automatic paper requirements

  • Integrated packing and shipping management

  • Optional integration with Estimate, Web-to-Print, Schedule, Shipping, PO, Inventory, and Accounting provides user flexibility to grow in steps

  • Compares actual to estimated quantities, hours, and dollars to improve efficiency and productivity

  • Improved profits with automatic invoicing of AAs