Shopnet Data Collection

Capture your production data in real-time. Simple to use, precise and instant, Presidio Shopnet data collection eliminates the need for time sheets and keyboards to enter production data. Shop personnel simply click their name and operation. Employee and production screens are easy to customize and with Shopnet, employees do not need to memorize codes.


Shopnet provides the fastest, easiest, most accurate way to collect production data and provide two-way communications on full screen displays. Job status, messages, and on-line job tickets are easy to view right on the shop floor. Messages can be directed to specific jobs, specific employees, and more. Now, your production staff can be alerted instantly when there is a change order, and the current job ticket is always immediately accessible.


Shopnet improves the availability of critical information, and automatically integrates with Job Control, Inventory and Schedule.


  • Save time capturing essential production information

  • Reduce overhead by eliminating keyboards and time-sheet posting

  • Optional Barcode interface to streamline entries

  • Simplify entry with customized screens for each employee

  • Eliminate bad data with on-line verification

  • Improve reporting with automatic links to Job Control, Inventory and Schedule

  • Improve profits by reducing rework caused by missed change orders

  • Enhance accuracy by viewing electronic job ticket on the shop floor

  • Speed information flow with real-time status updating and reporting